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Closed until      May 2024  


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Shop from our selection of locally manufactured Golden products!


Coins & Bullion

Come by an see our selection of Gold & Silver!


Gold & Silver Exchange

Instant Cash, free assessments, open & honest service.

Yellowknife's dedicated Gold & Silver Exchange

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Easy 3 step process


Precious Metals Assessment

Yk Gold & Silver uses both an electronic tester and the traditional scratch test method to determine the purity of your precious metals. The scratch test method involves taking microscopic layers off the surface of your piece by means of a scratch plate, once the small particles of gold are one the plate we then use varying acidic tests that show the purity level of your gold or silver.


The Pay Out

Once a waiver form has been signed and a piece of government issued I.D has been provided, Yk Gold & Silver will give you cash on the spot for your gold or silver!


Come on by! 

 Come down to our store at 4912 49th St or book an appointment and we will come to you! Whether it be your home, business or a public space, Yk Gold & Silver's team will go where ever is the most convenient & comfortable for yourself to assess the Gold or Silver.

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Yellowknife, NT Canada

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Why Choose 
YK Gold & Silver?

Yk Gold & Silver strives to provide the most discrete, open and transparent service available in the industry, where the clients know every step of the testing process. Unlike other services where they just give you a “take it or leave it price” I give the clients the knowledge of what that price means and how we came up with that number. All of this while offering some of the most competitive prices in the country, sometimes more than 30-40% more than others. I am proud to say that this service has served many clients across the spectrum of class wealth & status.

Yk Gold & Silver was established in 2015 by Jake Olson with the end goal of trying to bring a renewed sense of gold rush to the city of Yellowknife. One of the ways we are doing this is by our Gold & Silver exchange program.

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